​Welcome to my personal website - a peak into my creative corner, of Art & Design.


By - fibre Artist - Caron Williams - www.essenceoftranquility.co.uk

A little bit about me !!!!  
My name is Caron,
I live in Newtown,Powys,Wales,United Kingdom 

I have had a passion for Art & Crafts since my childhood as my dad was a well known Artist and my mum a craft teacher, both were my teachers and mentors. 

Im very interested in Art & Design, i love to silk paint, create & design.
I am a self taught fibre Artist.
I enjoy playing with wool fibres and healing crystals as nature's colour's & forms amaze me.

I make personalised crystal jewellery to help amplify individuals own personal healing or protection needs, please contact me or email for a free consultation…

My partner and I organise and promote music events we go under the name of: www.tribalspiritevents.com

​We aim to Promote:
Green awareness & sustainable life style choices, creativity, art, crafts, fun, recycling, new music, freedom of spirit and world peace.

WE ARE CURRENTLY MAKING PLANS FOR OUR TRIBAL SPIRIT 3 DAY MUSIC & ART FESTIVAL  FOR JULY 2018, https://www.facebook.com/tribalspiritevents
​Twitter: https://twitter.com/events_tribal

I love Alpaca's and enjoy making felt from their amazing fleece. Alpacas have soft padded feet, making them gentle on their pastures, and they have no top teeth in the front. The average height of an alpaca is 36" at the withers, and they weigh from 100 to 175 pounds.
They live for 15 to 20 years, and become your friends over such a long period. Not only do they have a long reproductive life, they will provide fleece for a lifetime. An alpaca's gestation period is 11 and a half months, and they have single births, twins are extremely rare. A baby alpaca, called a cria, usually weighs between 15 and 20 pounds.The alpacas are shorn once a year for their fleece, which will produce 5 to 10 pounds of soft, warm fiber that is turned into my shoes and slippers.

Aromatherapist,Indian head massage,Healer studied with - OCN.

Name -Caron Williams
Hobbies & Activities

Love being creative,

i am very interested in faeries,folk lore,mythology, Vikings and mother earth.

I love playing with natural materials,as nature amazes me.
3.New world music
4.Under cover Hippie
6.Easy Star All-Stars 
7.Dance music
8. Flipron
Where i live has a great history of folk lore, legend, story telling and music. For decades artists musicians writers and poets have made this area their home.


At present i am trying to set up workshops on how to make my funky boots & how to art sculpture by needle felting - if interested please email me on 

I am a qualified: